York Album Project

WPNA.FM February 12, 2021


The York Album Project released it’s 7th annual album in January 2021

Every year since 2014, York High School music teacher Chris Gemkow gathers students together for a rare opportunity: the chance to write, and record, their very own song. It’s a rarely seen opportunity in a public school to allow young teens a way to learn the process of songwriting… and more importantly, a way to express themselves.


This year’s project is particularly special. With school being online and little access to their usual recording equipment, Mr. Gemkow and his team had to get a little more creative. It ended up creating one of the best albums yet … even including Grant MItchell, a student on the very first album project, in the album’s producer role 7 years later.

Adela sits down with Chris to discuss how students overcame virtual learning barriers, the importance of this project, and why he’s so passionate about this being an annual tradition.

PS: For more info on the project and to listen to all of the tracks, check out the link below! The genres range from folk, to pop, rock to hip-hop.

As someone who was a graduate of Mr. Gemkow’s very first Album Project, this endeavor is something that will always be important to me (Adela.) Check it out for yourself and see what great art can come out of a ittle self-confidence & support ! <3


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