W tym roku Halloween u nas huczne i ekscytujące. Mamy niesforne dinozaury oraz świadome własnej wartości środki pierwszej potrzeby, czyli papier toaletowy i Clorox 🙂 Postanowiliśmy wam pokazać kilka scen zakulisowych. IMG_7388 IMG_7400 Have a happy and safe Halloween!

The scenery, history and beauty of Bohemian National Cemetery in Chicago, IL. Walking 5 kilometers through a cemetery for a great cause was a great way to kick off the last week of October. Why did I do it? Glad you asked. WPNA 103.1 FM is a media sponsor for the Best Buddies Crypt Run […]

Chyba trochę przesadziliśmy z dyniami w tym roku…  My fiance and I love pumpkins: maybe more so than the average person. We have pumpkin decorations in our house. We buy pumpkin spice for our cooking, carve jack-o-lantern’s, roast the seeds, and even tried our hand at growing our own pumpkins this year! But even I have to […]

Dear listeners of WPNA-FM, Adela and I from the Afternoon show have a favor to ask of you. Perhaps the greatest favor we’ll ever ask for. Here’s the thing: We’ve been entered in a Halloween costume contest. That’s all fun and games and we’re excited, but if you’ve ever tuned into the Game Corner, (Wed. […]

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